Top 7 Reasons to Shop Orange County's Certified Farmers' Markets

  1. Cut the middle man and buy direct. You can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, and value-added products directly from the farmer

  2. Build community. Customers get to know the people who are growing/producing their food

  3. Support local families. Money spent at certified farmers’ markets directly supports family farms that are part of the community rather than large grocery chains

  4. Discover the hard-to-find. A larger diversity of produce is available at farmers’ markets; produce that is rarely found at grocery stores

  5. Reduce your carbon footprint. Produce at farmers’ markets travels a shorter distance from the field to the plate and has a smaller carbon footprint

  6. Get fresher produce. Produce sold at farmers markets is often harvested fresh just days -or hours- before market, having been fully ripened in the field or on the vine

  7. Be a part of an Orange County heritage. Orange County Farm Bureau opened the first ever certified farmers’ market in the history of Orange County nearly 40 years ago. Since then, bringing people (and their food) together has become a county-wide tradition.


8 - 12 (Rain or Shine)

27271 La Paz Rd, Laguna Niguel (Plaza de Paz Shopping Center) Directions

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Orange County Farm Bureau

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