Orange County Farm Bureau is committed to providing educational tools and inspirational opportunities for the next generation of agricultural professionals in Orange County.


Growing Ag Education through our High Schools

The Orange County Farm Bureau is proud to offer the OCFB GROW program in partnership with the staff of the South Coast Research and Extension Center in Irvine. Our goal is to support the classroom instruction of high school agriculture students by providing out-of-the-classroom experiences in agri-business, career exploration, and educational opportunities.

OCFB GROW supports school districts with agriculture programs. These districts are helping to ensure that we all continue to understand the value and importance of agriculture. They are providing an educational asset in our highly urbanized county, and OCFB wishes to help GROW this valuable asset. 

The Program includes:

  • 4 field trips per year visiting ag businesses, farms, colleges/universities, etc.

  • Financial support to schools for transportation and substitute teacher reimbursement

  • Lunch per diem for each participating student to help cover costs of a meal during the field day


If you are interested in helping your students GROW their knowledge of agriculture and careers in ag, email us today at

OCFB Scholarships


Each year Orange County Farm Bureau awards multiple scholarships in amounts up to $5,000 to eligible students pursuing a degree in higher education.

Students eligible to apply for a scholarship must be: 

  • An Orange County resident

  • A graduating high school senior or current student pursuing degree in ag studies at 4 year or 2 year college or university


  • An Orange County resident

  • The child/grandchild/dependent of a current or retired agricultural worker


If you meet these eligibility requirements, you are invited to apply. Contact to learn how you can apply.