California certified farmers' markets are the real thing - places where genuine farmers sell fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and craftspeople and producers sell their products directly to the public in an open air market environment.

Who is qualified to sell at the farmers’ markets?

At our farmers’ markets, priority is given to farmers. Non-farmer vendors may apply and are selected to participate based on many factors including quality and uniqueness of product, customer demand, reliability, and space available at the market. Orange County Farm Bureau only allows agricultural products, food, and handmade crafts to be sold at the organization’s nine farmers’ markets. We do not allow service providers or information tables.

Requirements and definitions for vendors permitted at our markets:


Definition: For those who sell produce, flowers, and plants.

Requirements: All agricultural vendors must have the following:

  1. Sell produce, flowers, or plants which they have, themselves, grown.

  2. Hold a Certified Producer Certificate issued by the Agricultural Commissioner of the county you grow in.

  3. An approved Agriculture Vendor Application (click below to submit your application)


Definition: For those who sell food products such as  cooked food, packaged food, salsa, bakery items, etc.

Requirements: All food vendors must have the following:

  1. You must have - or apply for and receive - a Orange County Environmental Health Permit from the Orange County Environmental Health Department if and only when you are accepted as a vendor. 

  2. A commercial kitchen and specific equipment are required. No products may be produced in your home unless you hold a Class B Cottage Food vendor license.  For more information on how to qualify, please refer to the Orange County Environmental Health Department - Temporary Food Facility Information.

  3. A business license (This depends on your city. Some cities do not require a business license.)

  4. An approved Food Vendor Application (click below to submit your application)


Definition: For those who sell strictly handmade products. Four of our nine markets allow craft vendors:  Irvine Regional Park on Tuesday, Tustin on Wednesday, Laguna Hills on Friday, and Irvine on Saturday. (See a full list of all markets here.)

Requirements: All craft vendors must have the following:

  1. Craft products that are handmade. No resale items are allowed, and no distributorships are allowed.

  2. An approved Craft Vendor Application (click below to submit your application)



For more information on becoming a vendor, please contact us below.




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