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Orange County Farm Bureau is a non-profit non-governmental organization supported by dues-paying members who support the work and mission of the organization. OCFB provides grassroots advocacy and support to the agriculture industry in Orange County in keeping with its mission statement.

Represent Orange County agriculture through public relations, education, and public policy advocacy in order to promote the economic viability of agriculture balanced with appropriate management of natural resources.


Established over 100 years ago - in November of 1917 – Orange County Farm Bureau continuously serves the needs of its members by working with elected officials, government agencies, educators, the public, and the media.


OCFB addresses the challenges that farmers face daily; issues surrounding water, labor, invasive pests, weather, rising costs, government regulation, land use, energy, market prices, and consumer education.

Part of a Bigger Picture


Membership in the Farm Bureau of Orange County reaches well beyond the boundaries of the county. The California Farm Bureau Federation represents the interests of Farm Bureau members at the state level, while the American Farm Bureau Federation covers the national scene.


In California, there are 53 county Farm Bureaus representing more than 30,000 farm families and individual members. California Farm Bureau Federation is a member of American Farm Bureau Federation, a national organization of farmers and ranchers with member state Farm Bureau organizations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

For Everybody


Farm Bureau works to represent all farmers, making no distinction between conventional, certified organic, biodynamic, hydroponic, controlled environment, big or small. People and businesses who grow the nation’s food and fiber and horticulturalists who beautify homes and landscapes all face similar challenges, and can all find their voice and stories represented through membership in the Farm Bureau.

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